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Frequently   Asked   Questions

Does my child have to attend more than one week?

If your child is a new incoming student or camper, we require a minimum of two consecutive weeks. The more weeks your child attends the more benefit they will derive from the program.

Can I choose which weeks my child attends your camp?

AEF Summer programs operate on weekly sessions allowing parents to choose any combination of weeks to meet their summer schedule (weeks do NOT need to be consecutive for existing AEF students or returning campers).

Are field trips included in the camp weekly price?

Yes all field trip costs are included.  However, if your child wants to purchase items while on the field trip they will need their own money. 

Does my child have to go to an AEF School to attend your camp?

No, your child does not have to attend an AEF school in order to come to AEF summer programs.  However, they will need to be interviewed prior to being accepted to camp.

Do you offer financial assistance?

AEF does offer financial assistance for camp programs. Please visit our website to download the forms or contact our Finance Manager.

Do you offer any type of academics or tutoring sessions over the summer?

Yes, we offer a variety of tutoring and school options during the summer including mixed programs, summer school, and private tutoring.