Welcome to AEF Camps
4650 SW 61st Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314
Open House on the 24th, - 12 mid day to 5 pm.

To Register for our Summer Programs:

You can download the application by choosing one of the links below.

Application Form:

Please fill out this PDF application to apply to our summer program.

Camps Application Form

Once Accepted, Summer Camp Packet Form:

Please fill out this PDF summer camp packet once your child has been accepted into our Summer Program.

Download the summer camp packet in PDF format.

Financial Assistance Application:

If you are in need of financial assistance, you can download, print and submit to the front office the following PDF file:

Click here to download the Camp Scholarship Application in the PDF format.

Rates, Dates, Times, and Details

All information can be found by clicking this link

A non-refundable deposit of two weeks of camp is required to reserve a place for the camper. Amount will be applied against total due. All balances are due in full 3 weeks before the program begins. The total due does not include transport or individual tutoring if requested (math, reading, speech/language therapy and perceptual motor training)

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