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Overnight Camp

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AEF Camps have an exciting overnight program. It also represents a milestone for many campers including:

  • First time away from home without family
  • Experience living in a community, sharing, caring, and respecting
  • Formation of lifelong bonds and friendships
  • Learning to be more independent, mature, and self confident

Campers stay in clean, spacious, air conditioned rooms – helping to provide an atmosphere conducive to comfort, forming friendships, and learning.  Campers attending Overnight Camp receive all the benefits from the day camp programs plus a whole set of additional skills including:

  • Getting ready in the morning (getting dressed, brushing teeth, breakfast, cleaning room)
  • Preparing for bed time (showering, cleaning bathroom, clothes in hamper, towel hung up
  • Laundry (washing, drying, operating washer/dryer, folding, putting away laundry
  • Packing (learning to pack for a day outing, evening, or overnight trip)
  • Planning (thinking ahead, predicting, being prepared)
  • Shopping (preparing menu, grocery lists, purchasing items, preparing meal)
  • Cleaning (cleaning room, bathroom, dining area, shower area)
  • Budgeting (learning how to budget money, spend effectively, and appreciate the value of a dollar)
  • Being part of a family system (sharing rooms, bathrooms, electronics) and more!

Evening activities (from BBQ at the beach to Movies and the mall) provide a summer full of fun.  The camp culminates with an overnight trip to Disney World or Bush Gardens.

  • **Overnight Camp includes enrollment in any one of AEF’s summer day programs
  • **Nutritious menus are planned and special dietary considerations are available.


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