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Senior Young Adult Summer Camp

(Ages 18-22 years old – College bound)

The Senior Young Adult program is for older, more mature campers who still enjoy a summer experience with their peers; but do not want to be mixed in with traditional summer camp.

Develop independent living skills:

  • Shopping / Cooking
  • Organization / Schedule
  • Cleaning / Laundry
  • Transport
  • Medication
  • Hygienendent living skills:

The program is designed to teach students how to take care of themselves and successfully integrate into a new environment.
Participants will also be taught preparation, organization, and utilization tools and strategies. Participants will learn how to plan/pack for activities, how to stay on track, and how to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan and strategy (for future benefits).
While each camper has different needs, possible benefits and outcomes include:

  • Development of skills that enhance group decision making and leadership
  • Develop task analysis
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Facilitate organizational skills / assessment skills
  • Improved individual and group awareness
  • Improved goal setting, planning and vision
  • Increased appreciation and respect for differences existing within a group
  • Strengthened commitment to team goals

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